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Agricultural Building Painting

Agricultural Building Painting is a hugely important task and Diamond Industrial Painting Ltd offers Central England coverage with a dedicated agricultural painting crew that are specialists for the agricultural industry.Agricultural Building Painting

Agricultural Building Painting
  • Hay sheds
  • Galvanised roofing.
  • Grain & Feed silos.
  • Dutch barns.
  • Livestock buildings.
Thinking of repainting your buildings this year?………….

The arrival of spring brings the start of our agricultural building repainting season.  If you are thinking of having your buildings repainted this year then we urge you to consider enlisting a dedicated painting contractor as we believe it is vital if you want to get the best possible finish.agricultural building painting

Our Process. 

We will begin our repainting preparation with a thorough pressure washing.

This will remove moss, lichen and loose or flaking paint.
No pressure wash, no adhesion.

We will then check the surfaces for peeling paint edges, rust etc. and prepare these areas by hand and spot prime.

We will apply the paint by spray; we only use the best spray painting equipment from “Graco”

We apply one full coat of premium quality “oxide paint”.

This will last for years; don’t be duped into using the fast buck cowboys with their poor quality paint.    A quality brand such as “Johnstones” will give the longest possible time period before a repaint is necessary.  

Why not contact us today and speak to us about how we can help you in the Industrial Painting area? We’re experts in our field and look forward to seeing how we can help you.

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