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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Regular exterior painting will extend the life of any building and we would like to offer you a different approach to maintaining your property.Exterior Painting

External painting and repainting is ineffective without thorough preparation and thorough preparation is impossible without adequate access to the building. That’s why we always recommend a complete scaffolding to the property where practically possible.

Our Estimator will call to see you at the time arranged, he will listen to what you have to say and do a complete measure and inspection of the property.  Our quotation will be emailed to you within 48 hours of this survey.


1. The Scaffolding; We will erect rigid scaffolding to every elevation of the building thus eradicating the need for ladders and ensuring that our carpenters and painters are in a position to do the job properly and safely.

2. The Inspection; Our surveyor can now do a thorough inspection of the property and advise on all necessary extra repairs that may not have been evident during the initial inspection.

3. The Repairs; All carpentry, masonry, glazing and rainwater pipe repairs are completed prior to the painting crew’s arrival.

4. The exterior painting; We hand scrape and thoroughly sand all peeling paint. Burn off all paint peeling beyond repair. Rake out and replace any defective glazing putty. All windows and doors are checked for binding and planed if required. We fill all woodwork with 2 pack plastic filler and rub down. All cracks in the masonry are filled with cement based repair plaster. We oil prime all bare wood and metal prior to painting. Flexible caulk is applied around windows and trims as needed. All loose nails are punched home on the property. The painting All non painted surfaces, glass and landscaping will be protected from possible over-spray. The walls will be treated with anti fungicidal wash where mould is present. We then apply two coats of premium quality masonry paint to the walls. All woodwork and trim receives two undercoats and a gloss finish.

We also offer a programmed annual maintenance service to further extend the life of the work between repaints.
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