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Warehouse Painting

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— Factory & Warehouse Painting Services —

When hiring commercial decorators, you may have concerns about the effect your carefully planned refurbishment may have on your day to day business operations.We at Diamond Decorators Ltd understand that you still have a business to run and you just want a contractor who is trustworthy, flexible and doesn’t disrupt your business while staying on time and on budget.

— Cladding Spraying —

Whether you are repainting as part of a planned maintenance programme or as a re-branding exercise you can trust Diamond Industrial Painting Ltd. to deliver the most cost effective solution.

— Steel Painting —

Paint is the most commonly used material to protect steel. Paint systems for steel structures have developed over the years to comply with industrial environmental legislation.

— Machinery Painting —

At Diamond Industrial Painting Ltd. we repaint and refinish industrial machinery in plants and warehouse around the UK..

— Crane & Plant Equipment Coatings —

Metals like steel are strong, cost effective, and easy to manipulate. However, it is also prone to rust in almost any environment, especially when used for caustic applications or if exposed to harsh conditions.

— Intumescent Coating —

We work closely with PPG and exclusively use their Protective & Marine Coatings which have been specially formulated to help save lives and protect assets.

— Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning —

We can provide hot and cold power washing and team cleaning. By using a powerful industrial pressure washer, we ensure we are able to remove years of weathering, pollution, algae, moss, weeds and slime.

— Shot Grit Blasting —

Shotblasting is a means of cleaning steel by blowing an abrasive media against the steel using compressed air, or mechanical means to propel the grit.

— UHP-HP Water Jetting —

High (HP) pressure and Ultra High (UHP) water jetting (also known as water cutting or hydroblasting) are the most powerful and environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques available to industry.

— Airless Spraying —

At Diamond Industrial Painting Ltd.  we do both Airless Spraying and HVLP Spraying, and can spray anything from industrial units, housing units, apartment blocks, retail units to the exterior of your home.

— Anti Graffiti Service —

Cleaning graffiti off buildings costs billions of pounds annually. Many cities have started anti-graffiti programs but vandalism is still a problem.

— Epoxy Surface Coatings —

Many industrial, commercial and institutional settings require heavy duty epoxy wall systems that can withstand chemical exposure, abrasion and impact. 

— Heat Resistant Coatings —

We work closely with PPG and exclusively use their Protective Coatings which have been specially formulated to protect your assets.

— Non Slip Services —

Slippery floors have been the responsibility of property managers, hotels, assisted living properties, restaurant owners, architects and designers for years

— Polysiloxane Coatings —

Specialist products require specialist coatings and we’re experts in this area. We utilise the latest advances in coating technologies such as polysiloxane coatings.

— Stone & Brick Cleaning —

When it comes to Stone & Brick cleaning, use a proper contractor like Diamond Industrial Painting Ltd. to perform the work to ensure a good maintenance and preservation plan.

— Warehouse Office Painting —

Commercial building and office refurbishment and renovation packages will make a marked improvement to your work space.

— Specialist Coatings —

Specialist coatings for exterior and interior wall surfaces give a highly resistant protective finish to suit the conditions.

— Painter for a Day —

Need a Small Job Done Well? Painter for a day is an ideal service to deal with those smaller jobs and high traffic areas that simply need some refreshing.

— Floor Painting —

We are one of  the UK’s leading floor painting contractors because of our skilled and knowledgeable floor preparation crews, floor painting crews and screeders.

— Epoxy resin floor coatings —

Epoxy resin floor coatings provide hard wearing surfaces which are ideal for most industrial environments and can be used where a seamless resin flooring solution is required.

— Blasting & Floor Preparation

With many years of experience preparing floors our knowledge and expertise ensures that your project is completed quickly and properly first time around with a minimum of downtime.

— Polyurethane resin screed systems —

Polyurethane resin screed systems provide excellent heavy duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments.

Factory & Warehouse Painting
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Factory & Warehouse Painting

Factory & Warehouse Painting

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