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Floor Painting

We are one of  the UK’s leading floor painting contractors because of our skilled and knowledgeable floor preparation crews, floor painting crews and screeders. We work anywhere and at any time to suit our clients needs. Resin flooring and wall coatings are used across a wide range of  industries including  industrial and warehouse flooring, retail, commercial, automotive, aerospace, food and healthcare, custodial and prison service and pharmaceutical and healthcare.

We work closely with Resin surfaces Ltd the UK’s leading specialist manufacturers of resin floor and wall finishes. RSL’s extensive range includes: primers, epoxy resin floor coatings, epoxy resin floor screeds & self-smoothing finishes, polyurethane floor coatings, polyurethane floor screeds & self-smoothing finishes, wall coatings, anti-static flooring systems, cleaning and maintenance products and  floor painting.

Floor Painting

Epoxy resin screeds and self-smoothers are hard wearing resin systems which can provide properties such as chemical resistance, slip resistant and hygienic finishes. Decorative finishes can also be achieved by adding coloured flakes or aggregates. Epoxy resin systems are ideal for heavy duty industrial areas as well as food environments and other areas where cleanliness is key.


Decora BC used in a commercial kitchen

If slip resistance and traction underfoot is of the upmost importance then RSLhave the solution for you.

Resugrip is ideal for exterior environments and can work with a number of different aggregates to create different anesthetic finishes

Multigrip. An internal grip system which gives a solid single colour finish.

Decora BC, Combines slip resistant properties with a decorative finish.



Anti-static floor systems are used in projects where the finish is required to have an electrical conductivity leakage resistance. The systems are produced to give anti-static ohms readings in line with BS2050/1978.

Various finishes can be achieved with RSL’s anti-static products such as a matt finish with Resustat SL23 or a decorative finish which can be created by usingResustat Terazzo. These products show that you can have a functional yet attractive system.



The Decora range of products provides the functionality and performance of traditional resin flooring systems and in combination with an attractive, decorative finish.

The floor can be an important factor which contributes to the overall atmosphere and visuals of an area but also how imperative certain features are for particular environments. This new range of quartz products enables customers to have an eye-catching floor without compromising on benefits.

This is an expanding range of products so please keep your eye out for new arrivals to the range.



Resugrip used to provide walkway over a bridge area

Resin bound and resin bonded system can produce some unique and effective ways to provide an alternative to more traditional finishes for exterior areas, such as paving, tiles or even decking. Resin bound and resin bonded systems utilise natural decorative aggregates such as

  • Pea gravel
  • Quartz sands
  • Granites
  • Flint
  • Glass

These systems are popular when used in conjunction with landscaping as they can be used to provide finishes for :

  • Foot bridges
  • Pathways
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Tree pits

Promoted products Resubind UV – a light stable polyurethane binder for use with decorative aggregates to create resin bound systems Resugrip – a polyurethane binder for use with surface dressing to produce additional slip resistance and traction underfoot.  Commonly referred to as resin bonded systems.



Single pack floor coatings provide ease of application and a quick return to service.  The single pack nature enables users to reduce waste of the products and ensure that they can get the most value for their money.

Although not as hard wearing as two pack products, they can prove to be an ideal choice to refurbish areas quickly and economically.



Polyurethane coatings provide hard wearing seamless finishes. The range consists of fast curing products which means you can achieve footfall within 24 hours and apply more coats in a shorter space of time. Properties which can be achieved from products in this range are abrasive and chemical resistance, Hygienic and slip resistant finishes. Resutile is a choice from the range that is used when maximum chemical resistance is needed, it is also resistant to temperatures up to 1500°c. These properties result in this product being the ideal choice for laboratories and manufacturing areas.



RSL offer a range of decorative products for projects which require something special and that extra bit of detail.

Products in this range can produce different design finishes such as coloured aggregates and new exciting colours from our Cristal Bright range.

Why not also take a look at our  R.S. Terrazzo.  This unique product can be used to produce some high end decorative looks that gives a long life expectancy as well as a stunning aesthetics.



RSL manufacture a range of wall coatings suitable for different environments and needs. One of the main industries which benefits from using our wall coatings is the food and drink industry. This is because the main properties of the products are that they are seamless, easy to clean and chemical resistant.

Resutile Wall is a popular wall coating chosen for its durability and high resistance to thermal shock, hot water and chemicals as well as being impact resistant.

Resupen WB is another popular choice as it is a water based polyurethane coating which has excellent UV stability and thermal properties.

Ecuclad offers reinforced protection by incorporating fibreglass within the build up and specification of the system.  This fibreglass layer adds extra protection and provides a stronger and harder wearing surface with greater impact resistance.


The majority of the coatings are available in the following colours.  Specialcolours are available upon request. Please consult RSL for further details

Magnolia – BS 08B15

Cream –  BS 10B15

White – BS 00E55

Mist Grey – BS 00A01

Mist Green – BS 14C31

Mist Blue – BS 20C33



Surface preparation is essential before applying any flooring system, to ensure that the surface is the best possible for the product to adhere to. This helps to achieve the best possible finish. RSL offer a range of primers that can prime the surface of  the substances to ensure the correct finish is achieved.

R.S. Dampshield is ideal for new concrete or screeds as it is tolerant of residual moisture with the substrate and will enable us to apply top finishes with the requirement for the substrate being totally dry. Oil contaminated floors can cause major problems if the contaminates come through onto the final coat of the floor. RSL’s R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer is a solution to prime the floor and safeguard the toppings. Areas to be considered are factories,warehouses, retail outlets, car parks, hangars and laboratories.

Why not contact us today and speak to us about how we can help you in the Factory & Warehouse Painting area? We’re experts in our field and look forward to seeing how we can help you.

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