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Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent Coating

We work closely with PPG and exclusively use their Protective & Marine Coatings which have been specially formulated to help save lives and protect assets


The superior cellulosic fire protection solution

STEELGUARD is a complete range of systems for various grades of fire protection, climatic exposure conditions and application techniques.

These market-leading coatings are specifically formulated to provide superb fire protection for civil buildings, particularly appropriate where exposed steel structures have been used as part of the design in buildings such as shopping centres, airport terminals, sports stadia and schools. But if a fire strikes, the potential for disaster is frightening. Within minutes unIntumescent Coatingprotected steel can reach the critical temperature that causes it to lose stability and collapse.

The value of STEELGUARD intumescent coatings is that they provide the vital extra time to help people escape and also allow fire fighters to save the building itself.

Independent certification – international approval

PPG is certified to ISO 9001, recognized around the world as a sign of quality. STEELGUARD intumescent coatings meet international standards in fire protection, with each product undergoing a rigorous, exhaustive testing process. In addition, every production batch is checked against its specifications – so you can be assured of consistent quality and accurate fire protection levels at all times.

Benefits of the STEELGUARD range:

  • Excellent fire protection for steel structures
  • High levels of corrosion protection against atmospheric conditions with suitable top coat
  • Economical and versatile
  • Smooth surface – excellent aesthetics
  • Topcoats available in many colours to match building design
  • Off-site versions available for in-shop application
  • Waterborne coatings available for on-site application
  • Engineering support
  • Tested to various standards and certified to local requirements
  • Independently approved

Engineering support

Our engineers are fully trained in intumescent fire protection and are up to date with all relevant industry standards and fire ratings.

They also have the engineering capability to help customers from the early stages of development, guiding them through the specification process and providing continuing support right through to project completion and beyond.

Why not contact us today and speak to us about how we can help you in the Factory & Warehouse Painting area? We’re experts in our field and look forward to seeing how we can help you.

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