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Painter for a Day

Need a Small Job Done Well?

  • Painter for a day is an ideal service to deal with those smaller jobs and high traffic areas that simply need some refreshing.
  • Hotel and Leisure industry. High traffic areas such as lobbies and corridors are popular call outs from this sector.
  • Schools and Colleges.We very often get bookings from caretakers asking us to deal with multiple scuff marks that will need touching up regularly.
  • Office Managers frequently use this service to rejuvenate tired workplaces between programmed repaints.
  • Retail managers use us as they know the value of a well presented sales area and will not want to put off potential customers with a less than pristine first impression.
  • Factory and Warehouse Maintenance

Painter for a Day

Our Painter for a Day Program Includes.

  • A Professional Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd. operative.
  • A fully equipped Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd. van with all necessary supplies.
  • 8 hours of quality craftsmanship.

 What can we get done in 8 hours?…..

  • Touch up the woodwork throughout the workplace.
  • Freshen up office walls and ceilings using the existing colours.
  • High level work.
  • External touch up.
  • Prep and prime external woodwork.

What’s involved?

Our painter for a day program provides our customer with a fully qualified painter for 8 hours a day to do miscellaneous painting, repair and touch up projects at the customer’s direction.

The daily rate includes all sundry items and materials necessary for repair and preparation of the area to be painted. We can supply all required materials to our clients at trade discounts.

The Rate? Only £250.00 a day.

If you are worried about hiring the right contractor and have a project of any size, consider hiring one of our friendly and qualified painters for a day to see if you like the way our team works.
Why not contact us today and speak to us about how we can help you in the Industrial Painting area? We’re experts in our field and look forward to seeing how we can help you.

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