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Smyths Toys – Warehouse Line Painting

Smyths Toys - Warehouse Line Painting

Company: Smyths Toys Store Depot
Location: Stoke on Trent
Task: Re-Paint Lines for New Racking


Ever wonder how warehouse lines get painted so straight and neat? Maybe not but we’re here to shed some light on it anyway! The team in Smyths Toys warehouse in Stoke on Trent are in the process of expanding their warehouse and needed some lines repainted for new racking. So after a quick call to Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd and as part of our mission to ‘Cover the Country’ we got the team that specialises in line painting for the Stoke on Trent area into action straight away. After first removing the old lines on the warehouse floor that marked out loading bays and walkways, the team then measured up and marked out the new lines:


Marking out lines like this requires a huge amount of skill and precision that only a company with the level of experience such as Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd  can provide. Line painting is a an area that we cover for all of the UK and we rightly claim to be experts. So, after the marking out the team got to work with the two pack paint to mark out the lines. For the uninitiated, Two pack” or two component paint requires a hardener to be added to it before it is applied, which means its a tricky product to use. Here’s the finished results – what do you think?


‘Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd – Covering the Country’


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