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UTC Aerospace Systems – Carpark Line Marking

UTC Aerospace Systems - Carpark Line Marking

Company: UTC Aerospace Systems
Location: Wolverhampton
Task: Carpark Line Marking for Electric Car Bays


Electric cars are everywhere these days and no more so than in high tech companies like UTC Aerospace Systems based in In Wolverhampton. They recently converted some of their car parking bays into electric charging points and wanted to make sure these were available for electric cars at all times. This meant that the bays had to be relined and repainted with the correct markings. There’s no point doing a job wrong and when it comes to carpark line marking in the Wolverhampton area, Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd are the experts. We have local teams covering not just Wolverhampton, but surrounding areas and we love jobs like this where we can really make our mark…

Despite the inclement weather on the day, the Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd team got to work with the tape and quickly masked out the areas. This has to be done just right or the new carpark line job won’t look right and we never leave the customer dissatisfied.


Green surface pain was applied next and even though the weather the weather wasn’t the greatest, the job preparation and finish was completed successfully. Again, working in less than ideal conditions is something that most companies baulk at, but not us in Diamond Industrial Painters Ltd. We have the in-house skill to tackle any job in any conditions, and the weather we faced in Wolverhamption was no problem to us. Last part of the job was the stencil work which as you can see, came out perfectly and now e-car driving staff in UTC can charge their cars with ease!


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